Date A Girl Who Travels

Despite being a girl who tries (and often fails) to avoid disputes, drama and conflict, I have spent my morning scouring the blogging scene for juicy posts on a recently popular topic. Should you or should you not date a girl who travels? The first blog I read was a rebuttal to a specific version of ‘Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels‘ which has been so highly sought after that it has been translated into more than 20 languages. Although I thought it made for an interesting read and was more or less accurate, naturally, being the nosy parker I am, I decided to make a contribution of my own. Here goes…

Always date a girl who travels

She’s the one whose hair hasn’t felt the warm blast of a hairdryer in months, the one with more fading mosquito bites and tan lines than stamps in her grandpa’s prizewinning collection, the one without a trace of makeup, without a hint of hair product or perfume. BUT: She’s also the one with the natural healthy glow about her, the one who effortlessly manages to achieve the perfect beach hair look on a daily basis, the one whose sun kissed skin is the envy of her friends and relatives.

She’s the girl you don’t need to impress with expensive gifts, Michelin star restaurants or an impeccably clean bedroom. She’s the girl you can take home to your parents safe in the knowledge that she’ll be able to spark up a scintillating conversation over the dinner table. She’s the one with a story for every tan line, a memory for every anklet.

Date a girl who travels. Her hair may be closer to achieving the unbrushed, unkempt dreadlock look than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s perfectly preened locks, but she’s not going to take 45 minutes getting ready every time you leave the house, nor will she be repulsed by the fact that you’ve both managed to sleep in too late and don’t have time to shower – she doesn’t carry dry shampoo around in her handbag for nothing.

Date a girl who travels. She’s the girl who values experiences and memories more than Pandora bracelets and MK handbags. Don’t be fooled into thinking that she is difficult to please. Maybe she’s been bungee jumping, perhaps she’s thrown herself out of a plane at 15000 ft, she might have swum amongst sharks, reefs and wild dolphins, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t value the basic things in life. A trip to Nando’s beats the time that she had nothing to eat but a can of beans, just as a trip to the cinema beats the nights she couldn’t sleep after spotting a redback on her bedroom floor.

Date a girl who travels. Home is where the heart is, no exceptions, and you can only hope that she leaves her heart with you. She will never tire of home, for home is just another city for somebody else to discover – a fellow traveller’s adventure. She’ll still do all the things she used to do before her feet began to itch: you’ll find her in Wetherspoons on a Friday night ordering 5 Jägerbombs, you’ll find her browsing the Topshop rails for an LBD to wear the following night, you’ll find her in the local pubs snuggled on a sofa with a mug of mulled wine playing Jenga and Scrabble with her girlfriends, you’ll find her in McDonald’s the morning after in her Superdry trackies and a baggy hoodie ordering enough food to feed a small family. She’s the girl who values her time at home – making the most of every moment spent living.

Date a girl who travels. Maybe she does get bored easily, but who said that was a bad thing? She’s the girl who will keep things exciting, spontaneous and enjoyable for the two of you. She may tire you out, but when she’s used up all her energy she’ll be just like every other girl – happy to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive.

Date a girl who travels. A girl who travels is one of the hardest workers you’ll meet in life. In order to reach her dream destinations across the globe she had to source the funding. She’s well aware that nothing worth having comes easy, daydreaming gets you nowhere and she’ll work hard to achieve her dreams. She’s an intelligent girl, street savvy and determined.

Date a girl who travels. In troubled times she is the best girl to have around. She’s had her fair share of curveballs hurled in her direction, from trips to foreign medical centres in unfamiliar languages, to prolonged periods of homesickness. She’s relaxed and takes what life throws at her with the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ in mind. She’s the girl who will understand you, listen to you and support you. She won’t judge you and she’ll do her best to comfort you, encouraging you to look on the bright side of life.

Date a girl who travels. She’s the girl who will speak her mind, who is nothing but honest. She’ll always say yes to trying new things, meeting new people and her down to earth nature will impress your friends and family. She won’t play mind games, she won’t give you the silent treatment when she’s annoyed, she’ll say it like it is and she’ll expect you to do the same.

Date a girl who travels. Although she may have chosen a life of uncertainty, that doesn’t go to say that she doesn’t have a plan. Maybe she does follow her heart, but if you take the plunge and date a girl who travels, maybe her heart will lead her straight to you.

Date a girl who travels. She may be Miss Independent and by no means reliant on somebody else for her happiness. She is self-sufficient and adaptable to new environments (with or without you) but she will never be needy, never fall into the clinger category – she’ll give you the space you require and equally will demand the same from you. She might live in the present, not focusing on what the future might bring, but you can bet that when the future arrives she’ll sure as hell be ready for it.

So always date a girl who travels if you’re lucky enough to catch her. And if you unintentionally fall in love with her, don’t let her go – hold onto her and be swept up in the adventure.



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